Do I need to be heavily tattooed to enter?

No, we welcome any level of "coverage" to compete! Check out photos from past comps to see the diverse range of entrants from previous years. 


Do I have to speak on stage?

This is the easy part, we will give you the questions prior to the night and have them with us on the night as well so you can prepare. Most people get nervous speaking, just stay true to you and let your personality shine! 

Can I bring a friend?

Tell your friends to enter if they are interested, otherwise, all friends are welcome to purchase tickets and support you from the crowd on the night! We can't allow friends or partners backstage during the event as there are likely to be contestants changing and we need to respect privacy at all times. 

Do I have to wear high heels?

Hell no! As long as your outfits fit into the round descriptions you can be barefoot, in uggs, sneakers or pleasers. We want you to be comfortable and present to the crowd and judges, the most authentic version of yourself! 

I can't remember what I submitted, can you tell me?

We will send you a copy of your application upon submission review. If accepted, and you need to change your info, just let us know before the night of your round and we will try to make the changes. You can always contact us HERE.

ABN: 43 525 224 781 
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