Terms and Conditions

Inkd Goddess Terms and Conditions (short)

Please note that registration does not guarantee your place in the State Finals, all applications will be reviewed by InkD Australia before selecting the State Finalists. 

Please consider your financial position before embarking on this wonderful journey. 

I declare that I am able to cover the entry fee of $75.00 that includes my InkD Goddess Australia merchandise pack and I will wear this merchandise to all InkD Australia events. I am able to cover all personal costs, including travel to my chosen state final at my own expense. I will be required to participate in two (2) rounds at a live heat that will require me to answer questions on stage. If I am chosen as a titleholder, I will be available to travel to Sydney for the National Grand Finals of InkD Goddess Australia where evening wear will be the main round. I am aware that all costs for travel to State and Grand Finals, costumes, hair and makeup are my own responsibility. I am aware that if the competition is unable to commence due to unforeseen circumstances that I will be given sufficient prior notice of such events. 


I recognise that various photographs, video recordings, and/or other media will be taken during the InkD Goddess State finals and Grand National Final. I grant InkD Australia full permission to use any photographs, video recordings, or other media acquired that contain my likeness for the purpose of promoting the InkD Australia brand or its sponsors in any manner deemed appropriate by InkD Australia and that no additional fees will be paid to me. 


I acknowledge that, if chosen, I will be representing the InkD Australia brand and will behave in such a manner that reflects the standards and beliefs held by InkD Australia. I acknowledge that my misconduct, misbehavior, and complaints against me from other contestants, judges or professionals are appropriate grounds for disqualification. 


Please contact InkD Australia for any questions or clarifications on these Terms and Conditions.  

ABN: 43 525 224 781 
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